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blockchain (1)
Blockchain and banking – a revolution on the rise

Blockchain, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies and other digital investments represents a fundamental change for financial services and its continued rise is having a profound impact on investor’s needs. Driven by read more...

Digital security
Digital Assets Security – How innovation in infrastructure can beat the hackers

January 3rd, 2022, marked the 13th anniversary of the arrival of Bitcoin and the birth of the cryptocurrency boom and it’s clear that the advance of digitisation has now moved into the more...

How tokenisation is forcing financial institutions to seek swift adaptation to their services

The digital native asset market is experiencing unprecedented growth and tokenisation of these assets– the process by which a blockchain token, or more specifically a security token, is read more...

fx market
Cobalt’s dynamic credit report is possibly a watershed moment for FX trading.

Cobalt, a provider of critical risk and data services to the Foreign Exchange and Digital Asset market have recently revealed the results of their dynamic credit pilot, carried out with seven major global FX banks across ten trading venues over the past few months read more...

Digital Enerygy
How ‘Digital Energy’ could become the 21st century’s oil and steel

On February 13, 2022, the Los Angeles Rams became the champions of Superbowl LVI but for investors much of the excitement came in the game’s ad breaks. Dubbed ‘Cryptobowl’ by some, viewers were inundated with ads from companies like read more...