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Secure cold stored real-time digital asset management technologies

Follow the leading companies in the world by moving to our institutional-grade digital asset vault solutions

Custodiex APIs and real time vaults offer world-class digital asset management 

We’re building the security infrastructure for the future of the world’s digital assets and banking systems


We provide high security cold storage accessible in real-time for banks, governments, financial institutions and digital asset managers worldwide.

There are four elements to our products and services:

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Proprietary vault hardware with enterprise-grade servers and latest FIPS 140-2 Level 4 HSMs

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Cutting edge software and architecture integrates seamlessly with your existing systems

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Our world class team are leaders in digital asset management, Banking and technology

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The solution has proprietary processes for institutional grade digital asset management


Custodiex Technologies

Custodiex enables your digital asset strategy



    Digital assets are stored in decommissioned nuclear bunkers using quantum-ready encryption and are air-gapped with no connection to the internet for high security.



    Real-time cold storage: Custodiex allows real-time deposit and withdrawals for digital asset cold storage.



    Custodiex can scale to meet even the most demanding requirements. Our technologies are capable of handling the digital asset payloads of governments, global institutions and nation states.



    No human interaction – our digital vault processes are automatic and do not require human interaction to transfer or authorise transactions, thereby removing all human risk.



    Our technology to allow real-time authorisation and transfer of digital assets out of our secure physical storage environments.                                                                                                                                                         



    Insurance for your digital assets – Our vaults have been designed to meet the stringent risk requirements of the world’s largest insurance syndicates. We have negotiated an insurance baseline of $750 million available rated S&P A+.


Our clients vary from largest financial institutions in the world to governments looking to secure their digital assets.

The use cases for our technology are numerous and include:

The power behind your digital assets strategy - treasury, DeFi, tokenisation

Custodiex is one of the most technologically advanced digital vault solutions in the world – with a full technology stack and API’s built for seamless integration.

Our hardware is housed in multiple bunkers at undisclosed locations with key ceremonies and processes designed to guard against even the most aggressive physical and cyber-attacks.

We provide the distribution capabilities and durability of the cloud. Combined with our physical bunkers we provide defence in depth and SaaS/Security as a Service (SECaaS)

We have designed our suite of digital asset management products and API’s with the aim of offering a full treasury service solution that is accessible to existing systems through standards-based API’s. This means our technologies are ready for immediate integration into your current technologies and regulatory environments.

Custodiex is built with the needs of financial powerhouses and global industry in mind

  • Why risk storing digital assets on an exchange or in vulnerable hot wallets?

  • Custodiex can process transactions from any exchange, institution or individual

  • We’re industrial grade designed and built to be fully agnostic and capable of storing any coin and connecting to any public or private blockchain or protocol.


Solving the 3 Key Issues - The Tri-lemma

Custodiex is the first and only custody solution to solve the three key issues of digital asset custody as the financial market adopts blockchain.

It's possible to have all 3 with Custodiex technologies.

Flux capacitor 2-1

Deploy your digital assets strategy in our real time cold storage vaults – speak to our team

Custodiex is ideal for the needs of global industry, central banks and financial powerhouses.

Reducing risk in Asset Digitisation

Choosing to embrace asset digitisation carries significant financial and reputational risk. In the UK alone, the number of high value cyber-attacks have doubled in the past five years. The costs are enormous, in terms of lost assets, lost productivity, financial penalties and accumulated costs and reputational risk

Cybersecurity problems have multiplied with the rapid development of digital technology in wealth management and have dramatically increased corporate exposure to cyber-crime.

Custodiex provides security for all digital assets using advanced technologies

The Air Gap: Our proprietary air gap technology separates our cold environment from the network, while enabling automated use of digital assets in real-time. It’s hyper secure cold storage with hot wallet accessibility.
Our hardware is protected by Faraday cages, to prevent side-channel attacks and nullify potential damage from large-scale external electromagnetic events
Our cryptographic hardware has the highest industry accreditation (FIPS 140-2 level 4)
Quantum Resilience: Our core security is quantum resistant and our architecture features best-in-class cryptographic agility to support future algorithms and schemes
Message layer security: Cryptographically verifiable end-to-end Message Layer Security provides integrity and allows complete tamper proof verification
M of N Multiple authorisation Scheme
Maximum flexibility when integrating any solution with our API’s
User authority, processes and policies can be authorised by your AML/KYC systems, as well as by systems running in different security domains

Scale - Huge capacity in real time

  • Scale your custody solution anytime 24/7

  • Patented vault opening capability

  • As many vaults per customer as needed

  • Vast capability to handle as many Transactions Per Second (TPS) as needed

  • Custodiex offers you as much storage as you could need – when you need it

  • Seamless integration with any exchange


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