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Custodiex is a technology provider that enables the secure, insurance protected, cold storage for digital assets in real-time, and thus forms the backbone for a variety of businesses in the digital asset universe.
Digitisation/tokenisation, allows the distribution of assets, products, and services, globally for little cost. Companies that access this distribution require security for their private keys, to avoid loss of income from hacking and theft.
Custodiex provides this service, storing digital keys in our hybrid physical, and technology security ecosystem.



Custodiex provides

The security ecosystem for any application requiring storage or transaction authorisation for any digital asset.

Real-time Cold Storage

Real-time deposit and withdrawals (milliseconds) for digital asset cold storage

Concrete and Cloud

We utilise two nuclear bunkers and cloud storage for security and distribution

Asset agnostic

We can store any asset with a digital key structure

Build standards & security

Designed to government and bank standards of security that meets and exceeds institutional security requirements

Insurable assets

Our vaults have been designed to meet the stringent risk requirements of the world’s largest insurance syndicates. We have insurance of £400 million available S&P A+

No human interaction

Our digital vault processes are automatic and do not require human interaction to transfer or authorise transactions.

Air gapped & Internet connection

We use “air gapped” technology with no connection to the internet for

ultra-high security

Patents IP

We have submitted a patent 2005495.3 in April 2020 for our innovative  security processes


Scalable to any Transaction Per Second (TPS) and to any digital volume



Who we are

Custodiex provides global, real-time, insurable, digital asset cold storage for any digital asset for governments, custodians, banks, and institutions.

What we do

We provide the “transfer of risk “ of digital asset theft or attack when storing or authorising digital transactions. This can be fully insured. We provide tenanted, SaaS, virtual digital vaults for assets, services, and products via a REST API. This service enhances our customers profile by providing the security ecosystem for any application.

How we do it

A “concrete and cloud” solution that provides digital cold storage in any jurisdiction through our government and bank grade security which incorporates two de-commissioned nuclear bunkers. We do not have any human involvement in our process. It is completely automated.

Brand offer/Promise

We deliver trust, security, credit (in banking terms), world class cold-storage, fastest in class for withdrawals and deposits, built to banking regulations standards by ex-bankers, fully insurable (£400 million S&P A), scalable, with patentable process, SaaS-delivered virtual digital vaults.
We provide the security tech for the new digital ecosystem for global, immutable, instant, virtually free distribution of any digital assets, service, or product (that has a private key structure).

The primary enabling benefit

Fast cold storage services to their customers, with little upfront costs. SaaS “pay as you go” services that integrate with existing systems via a REST API. Our virtual digital vaults have customer-defined policies with an unlimited number of vaults and tenants providing “segregation and scale.”

The outcome for the customer

This provides competition and innovation in new digital markets that have unprecedented accelerated growth potential, provides increased revenues, improve customer loyalty and retention, and the ability to be involved in a market place where internal resources and costs may prohibit entry.
Speed and efficiency to market.



We have raised at total of just under £2,000,000 from Symvan Capital and individual investors that will enable us to finish our digital vault by
November 2021.  

Our technology is scalable and provides a competitive advantage over the current competition.

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Nuclear bunkers provide the physical security. Custodiex’s digital key vaults are placed into nuclear bunkers.

Additionally, we have a “defence-in-depth,” technology approach to ensure our customers have unparalleled protection for their digital assets.

The problem is security and speed. In one asset class alone, bitcoins, 20% have been lost or stolen, and US$1.8 billion of cryptocurrency was stolen from Exchange in 2018. Who will be next?

Custodiex is agnostic to the digital asset class when storing assets. Data, film, property, commodities, and medical documentation can all be conveniently stored



Our unprecedented, defence-in-depth approach has our proprietary digital key vaults housed in our nuclear bunkers. Custodiex has real-time, continuous deposit, and withdrawal access. We are compliant to Banking standards, and the business scales exponentially at a low cost. Custodiex is agnostic to the asset class, and have patentable processes. 

Custodiex has built its proprietary hardware and software which will be deployed in their nuclear bunkers. 



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