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Real-time cold storage

Welcome to Custodiex, 
Custodiex is a technology provider that enables the secure, insurance protected, cold storage for digital assets in real-time, and thus forms the backbone for a variety of businesses in the digital asset universe.
Digitisation/tokenisation, allows the distribution of assets, products, and services, globally for little cost. Companies that access this distribution require security for their private keys, to avoid loss of income from hacking and theft.
Custodiex provides this service, storing digital keys in our hybrid physical, and technology security ecosystem.


In five years, 100% of the stocks and bonds on Wall Street will be tokenised.”

Robert Greifeld, Former Chairman & CEO of NASDAQ   Feb 2019



We are currently looking for investors to enable us to build out our MVP/POC. This will create the World's most secure Digital Vault.

Our technology is scalable and provides a competitive advantage over the current competition.

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Nuclear bunkers provide the physical security. Custodiex’s digital key vaults are placed into nuclear bunkers.

Additionally, we have a “defence-in-depth,” technology approach to ensure our customers have unparalleled protection for their digital assets.

The problem is security and speed. In one asset class alone, bitcoins, 20% have been lost or stolen, and US$1.8 billion of cryptocurrency was stolen from Exchange in 2018. Who will be next?

Custodiex is agnostic to the digital asset class when storing assets. Data, film, property, commodities, and medical documentation can all be conveniently stored



Our unprecedented, defence-in-depth approach has our proprietary digital key vaults housed in our nuclear bunkers. Custodiex has real-time, continuous deposit, and withdrawal access. We are compliant to Banking standards, and the business scales exponentially at a low cost. Custodiex is agnostic to the asset class, and have patentable processes. 

Custodiex has built its proprietary hardware and software which will be deployed in their nuclear bunkers. 



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